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Personal Profile

Karlin Sloan has a lifelong passion for visionary leadership, and helping people access their most mysterious and powerful abilities to transform the world in positive ways.​Karlin Sloan is a distinguished entrepreneur, author, and global citizen. Her expertise extends to defining exit strategies and guiding founders through the intricacies of selling their companies. Karlin's career has spanned diverse industries, including technology, fin-tech, finance, ed-tech, NGOs,  professional services, CPG, real estate, advertising, and more. Her clients recognise her as a unique blend of intuition and analytical prowess, making her a sought-after strategic problem solver, particularly in high-stress crisis situations. As a Partner at The Business Acumen Company from 2015, Karlin contributed significantly to pioneering a data-driven approach to leadership and management excellence. Leveraging breakthrough research conducted in collaboration with Monash University, The Business Acumen Course has emerged as a platform for coaches and online trainers to deliver structured coaching, results-focused content, and team coaching sessions within private branded cohort areas. It augments existing leadership development programs, facilitates webinars and in-person training, provides structure for Executive Coaching, administers the Business Acumen Gauge 360 Assessment, and creates customised online programs. Karlin Sloan served as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Sloan Group International from 2000 to 2022. Under her leadership, the organisation provided invaluable organisation development consulting, training, and executive coaching to clients across the U.S., South America, EMEA, Australia, and Asia. She is also an accomplished author, having penned several influential books, Karlin's commitment extends beyond business success, as she firmly believes that leaders should contribute positively to the world. Karlin's career journey began as a Leadership Development Consultant at The Innovative Edge in the mid 1990s, where she designed and delivered leadership development curriculum and assessments for high-end boutique leadership development consulting serving Silicon Valley clients.  She also holds a rich educational background, including an MA in Clinical Psychology from the San Francisco School of Professional Psychology, a Certificate in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching from the William James Institute Center for Executive Coaching, a BA in English and Women's Studies from Mills College. Karlin Sloan's remarkable contributions to the corporate world have been recognized with numerous honors and awards, including the International Thought Leader Award.​“I believe in the power of dreams - both waking and sleeping - to build our creative capacity, to solve problems, to create breakthroughs and to feed the soul.” - Karlin Sloan

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