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Karlin Sloan is a highly respected entrepreneur and leadership advisor.
As a speaker, she creates an environment for interaction
and dialog no matter the audience size. 

"Karlin is an engaging, knowledgeable presenter who knows how to connect with the audience. She gave a talk on 'resiliency' to a small group of multimillion-dollar women business owners and they absolutely loved the session. She's total talent and no pretension."

—Laurel Delaney, Founder, Global TradeSource, Ltd.

"Knowing several members of Karlin's team, the word I consistently hear when they describe her is 'brilliant'. Having read her book and done a small bit little work with her, I would add 'insightful, practical, and innovative' to the list."

—Jeff Hornstein, President & CEO of The Speakers Choice


“Karlin Sloan stands out as a thought leader, treasure and world class speaker. She is bringing the corporate world a new view of leadership that reflects her own syle: forward thinking, effective and informed to the needs of a rapidly changing global economy and workforce. She has recruited and developed the best leadership consultants from around the world who are creating sustainable and meaningful change. It was a honor to work with her and her team.”  

—Laurel Donnellan, CEO & Founder, Bright Livelihoods