Karlin Sloan is the founder and CEO of Sloan Group International,
a boutique leadership development consulting firm with practitioners in 23 countries. 
Ms Sloan believes that business leaders have a responsibility not just to make their organizations better, but to contribute to the world in a positive way.

She is the author of several books, including

ksloan.book.sfb 007.jpg

Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership
by Karlin Sloan with Lindsey Pollak

“Karlin Sloan nails the essentials of leading and motivating a senior management team for measurable success by both understanding and tapping into the power of human interactions.”

— Tom Bernardin, Chairman and CEO, Leo Burnett Worldwide

“This book hits a home run when it comes to offering sound and practical ways to face the pace and pressures of increasing complexity and overload, and to show up as an effective leader when results have to be innovative. Smarter, Faster, Better helped me see how slowing down to move faster can transform my experience of being a leader in a growth industry.”

—Steve Kowalski, Director of Learning & Development, Genentech, Inc.


Lemonade: The Leader's Guide to Resilience at Work
by Karlin Sloan, Alan Graham PhD, Kevin Cuthbert

“One is never so weak as when those they follow have lost a vision of hope and lead only despair with despair. Lemonade is a great, practical guide to help leaders and managers build their constituencies, sustain resilience and to always lead toward versus against. It is full of compelling stories and simple tools to help us all make the best of the challenges we face in our work and in our lives.”  

—Curt W. Coffmann, Co-Author of
     First, Break all the Rules and Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

“In order to succeed, today’s business leaders must prevail in the face of an unprecedented pace of change. Lemonade offers a straightforward, practical guide to help leaders to meet any challenge and come out on top - I highly recommend this book.”  

—Mark Horney, Ph.D. , Director Executive MBA Career Management,
    Columbia Business School


Unfear:  Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty
by Karlin Sloan

“Karlin writes beautifully, she writes from a place of depth where spirit and heart meet clear thinking. The result is a powerful narrative that addresses the most basic deterrent to leadership - fear. “

—Professor Sudhanshu Palsule, winner,
     Helsinking School of Economics Best Faculty of the Year Award, 2008

“I just finished my first reading of Unfear and I’m deeply moved. Karlin has done an amazing job of weaving and synthesizing important ideas and concepts in ways that support looking at ourselves, our organizations, and our world in fresh creative ways.”

—Marc Lesser, CEO, Author of
    The Zen of Business Administration (Z.B.A.) and Less